Duration of exchange: minimum 2 months and maximum 12 months.

Students remain enrolled in their home faculty / academy for the duration of their internship. Students who are in the category of those who have the obligation to participate in the costs of studies, during the exchange are required to continue to pay participation.

Exception: final year students, after being selected through a competition, may graduate and go on a professional internship, provided that the internship is completed within one (1) year from the end of their studies (or at the latest by the end of the program academic year). All candidates, including this category of students, should be students of the University of Zagreb at the time of application for the competition, selection process and selection of candidates.

Financial support for a study stay within the Erasmus + program can be obtained by students for mobility periods of a total duration of up to 12 months for each level of study (undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate level).

Language skills: B1

The competition for Erasmus + internships is announced in May. It will be published on the website of the University of Zagreb and on the website of the Faculty of Science.