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Doctoral study programme in Physics, module Geophysics


The study is composed as a regular three-year university course in several modules: Elementary particle physics; Nuclear physics; Astrophysics; Atomic, molecular and optical physics; Condensed matter physics; Biophysics; Medical physics; and Geophysics. The students who complete the study and defend the doctoral thesis obtain the degree

"Doctor of Natural Sciences in the Field of Geophysics"

(Doctor scientiarum naturalium ad geophysicam pertinentium).

Doctoral study programme includes lectures and research component. The research component is primary, while lectures are intended to prepare student and help them with their research, and to provide them with wider view on their field. Lectures are mostly limited to the first year of the programme. Research component starts at the very beginning of the programme and includes original research, writing and publication of scientific papers, and writing and defence of doctoral dissertation.


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