PMF - Geološki odsjek


Raspored sjednica Vijeća Geološkog odsjeka u ak. god. 2021./22. nalazi se ovdje.

Field work is No. 1 in geology

Brač Island



Improvisation is mother of all preparations


The devil is always in the details!


Konavle area

a view from the Cretaceous/Palaocene boundary towards the High Karst Nappe

Mt. Papuk

Mt. Moslavačka Gora


-nodular tourmaline

nodular tourmaline


- disseminated tourmaline

disseminated tourmaline


- tourmaline sun (rosette)


Foreign body


Igneous contact and puzzle of Cretaceous events

Central Bosnia

Dinaride ophiolite zone together with central Bosnian crystalline is the fantastic place for practicing geology. Combined with magical and mystical Bosnian environment, all kind of things can happen. Fantastic rocks, peculiar situations, stories that will be long-standing tales along campfires...





Stupnica Creek - Late Cretaceous clastic rocks and limestones (outcrop condition during 2012)

Velika Kamešnica Creek - riple marks



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