Doctoral programme

The doctoral study of biology is based less on classes, and more on scientific work and elective activities (workshops, courses, seminars, and laboratory practice in visiting laboratories). Furthermore, the study programme covers a broad area of the field of biology, and the content offered includes scientific research ranging from fundamental to applied biology. Therefore, PhD students are able to create a curriculum that best suits their requirements. Such a PhD programme provides the education to continue an academic career, or to pursue a profession, ranging from ecology and environmental protection to molecular biology and biomedicine. Classes based on scientific projects, the possibility of learning relevant methods in specific areas of biology, and developing creativity in seeking out new approaches in laboratory and field research, result in dissertations that are not only a contribution to science, but that also form the basis for applying results in clinical practice, veterinary sciences, agronomy, biotechnology, ecology and environmental protection.

Professors and mentors in the PhD study programme are active scientists with internationally relevant publications and competencies in conducting and leading scientific programmes. The core of the PhD study programme is comprised of original scientific research conducted by students in the laboratories of the Department of Biology, at other departments of the Faculty of Science, or in laboratories of partner institutions.

  6th Faculty of Science PhD Student Symposium 2022 (pdf)