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Renowned professor Philip K. Maini from the University of Oxford visited the Department of Mathematics

Renowned professor Philip K. Maini from the University of Oxford visited the Department of Mathematics and held two lectures as part of his visit. The first lecture titled "Modelling Collective Cell Movement in Biology" was held on Monday, March 18, as part of the Colloquium "Sibe Mardešić" of the Department of Mathematics. You can read the abstract here. Second lecture titled "Mathematical Biology and the Wolfson Center". he held on Wednesday, March 20, and through the lecture he told about the history of the Wolfson Center for Mathematical Biology (of which he is the director) and the research conducted there. This lecture was designed in such a way that it would be interesting for both teachers and students, and the student response was great. However, we are pleased to point out that there was great interest from the students for the first lecture also. This is not the first time that the Department of Mathematics and Professor Maini have collaborated. When creating the curriculum for the graduate study Biomedical Mathematics in English, our teachers who were project leaders visited Professor Maini and his closest collaborators in Oxford to exchange experiences with leading experts in the field. Professor Maini then praised the idea and the curriculum and was glad to see that the study of Biomedical Mathematics is active and that the first generation of students attending it will graduate this year. We are pleased that the Department of Mathematics achieves cooperation with world-renowned experts, and there will be more and more guest appearances like this in the future.



Author: Božidar Tartaro

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