Division of General and Inorganic Chemistry

The strategy of the Division of general and inorganic chemistry is based on the results and experience achieved and attained during the last decade of research through domestic and international research projects. It is planned to continue research in the field of new organic and coordination compounds, solid state chemistry, supramolecular chemistry and protein chemistry (H. Pylori proteins and insulin derivatives) and other biologically active compounds. The research will encompass design, preparation and detailed structural spectroscopic and thermal characterisation of the prepared compounds. Research on proteins will include cloning, purification, crystallisation, and structural characterisation. A variety of experimental methods shall be employed in order to study inter- and intramolecular interactions and their influence on molecular structure and properties. The main objectives of the above research are:

  • Fundamental research in the field of development of new, environmentfriendly, methods of preparation of organic, bioorganic and organometallic compounds;
  • Potential application of novel methods of synthesis and materials with designer properties (e.g. optical, thermal or magnetic) in industry;
  • New insight into the influence of study inter and intramolecular interactions on the structure of solids;
  • Structural characterisation of proteins for the purpose of obtaining new insight into the relationship between protein structure and function;
  • Transfer of the obtained knowledge and experience into education an all levels from undergraduate to postgraduate study;
  • Intensifying international collaboration though participation in European and bilateral research projects.

Along with the above scientific research one should point out also professional work of chemical synthesis as well as physical and chemical characterisation of pharmaceutically active solids which is performed as a collaboration with partners from industry.