Lifelong learning

Lifelong learning encompasses a learning activities to improve knowledge, skills and competences within the personal, civic, social or professional activities of an individual.

The concept of lifelong learning is most often associated with goals of an economic nature, such as achieving greater competitiveness and lasting employability. But in the conditions of rapid and continuous technological development, it is a necessity for a university teacher to be up to date with modern achievements in the field of science, technique and technology that are necessary to apply in scientific and teaching work. The Department of Geography of the Faculty of Science recognizes these trends and support them through its activities.

The Department of Geography organizes and offers lifelong learning activities to its employees through lectures, seminars and workshops, independently or in cooperation with professional associations (Croatian Geographical Society, Croatian Geomorphological Society). An important part of these programs is our presence in all forms of training of primary and secondary school teachers (seminars for geography teachers, field trips and lectures at professional seminars).