Library is open primarily for students and scientific and teaching staff of the Department of Geology at the Faculty of Science, but it is also available for use by other students of the Faculty of Science. Users have open access to the library fund, which covers relevant material from the wider field of geology, including paleontology, mineralogy, petrology, geochemistry, hydrology...


Working hours for users

Monday – Friday
9 AM –  12 PM



Central Library of Geology
Faculty of Science
Horvatovac 102A
10 000 Zagreb



Josip Šebalj, mag.
Head of the Library

Phone: 014606474
E-mail: knjiznica@geol.pmf.hr


The library fund contains:

  • about 15,000 copies of professional and teaching material: books, textbooks and reference literature (encyclopedias, dictionaries, lexicons, bibliographies)
  • 300 titles of domestic and foreign professional journals
  • about 4,500 geological and topographic maps and interpreters
  • diploma, master's theses and doctoral dissertations
  • other teaching material