The 6th Symposium of Doctoral Students of the Faculty of Science 2022 was held from 23 to 24 April

In addition to doctoral students from the Zagreb Faculty of Science, doctoral students from other doctoral studies from Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Czech Republic also took part in the Symposium. Through this Symposium, participants gained experience in presenting the results of their scientific research (this year in English), exchanging knowledge and ideas and better interconnection of doctoral students from all over Croatia and beyond. At this year's Symposium, our doctoral study was presented by:

Ivona Baniček, 1st year student (flash and poster presentation)


 Laura Huljek2nd year student (oral presentation)


Igor Pejnović1st year student (flash and poster presentation)


Jurica Sabol3rd year student (oral presentation)


Marina Čančar1st year student (flash and poster presentation)


Natalia Šenolt2nd year student (poster presentation)