Department of Chemistry: Open Day

The Department of Chemistry Open Day has been organized since 2008 and is intended for all those interested in chemistry, particularly final-grade grammar and secondary school students who are thinking of choosing chemistry as their future vocation. The Open day is the largest popular event organised at the Chemistry department with over 200 volunteers (students and staff of the Department of Chemistry) and ca. 3000-3500 visitors every year. The visitors can attend popular lectures and workshops, or tour The World of Chemistry – an interactive exhibition spanning the entire ground floor of the building.

For more details on the upcomming XI Open day (2018), see the official website (Croatian only).

Photo gallery (2017)

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photos by Matko Meštrović and Vinko Nemec

Some photos from earlier years can be seen by clicking here

Chemistry Magic

Since 2007, the Department of Chemistry has been staging the event Chemistry Magic, a performance for pre-school and elementary school children. The setting is a school for withches and wizards led by the Great wizard and his assistants. The students - young and somewhat inept - show what they can (and cannot) do in order to impres the Great wizard and hopefuly recieve their Magic diplomas. The 'magic' they perform are educative, visually attractive, but harmless experiments, some of which are performed by the visiting childern.



Videos showing the highlights of the 2015, 2016 and 2017 performances are available online. To view each of the videos, click the corresponding year.

2015      2016       2017


Photo gallery

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photos by Dominik Cinčić







photos by Matko Meštrović