Doctoral Study in Chemistry

Doctoral studies in chemistry provide candidates with the knowledge of research methods and train them for independent scientific work. Doctoral studies are of at least three-year duration, with anaverage requirement of 60 ECTS points per year. Doctoral studies are a natural sequel to graduate chemistry studies (research specialty) at the Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Science, and are also open to students of related disciplines. The study course qualifies the students for independent research work in chemistry and related disciplines. The doctoral study course in chemistry is based on research work in adequately equipped laboratories within workgroups, helped by experienced supervisors, and on instruction through lectures, seminars and tutorials. The role of instruction is to extend and deepen candidates’ knowledge of related fields (along with the field of doctoral research). Of special value are advisory tutorials in small groups. Instruction is in principle elective; with courses divided in three categories: general, basic and special. General courses Chemistry Seminar I, Chemistry Seminar II and Research Work are compulsory for doctoral students of all specialties (Inorganic and Structural Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, Organic Chemistry or Biochemistry). Basic courses cover the main disciplines within a specialty while special courses complement them. Doctoral studies end with the defence of doctoral theses within one of the scientific projects of the Department of Chemistry or other collaborative scientific institutions. The academic title acquired upon completion of doctoral studies is Doctor of Natural Sciences, field: chemistry (Doctor scientiarum naturalium ad chemiam pertinentium, Dr. Sc.).


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Agreement on Cooperation with External Supervisor

According to Regulations on Doctoral Studies at the University of Zagreb, article 9, paragraph 4: "A mentor who is not a University employee or an employee of a constituent part of the University, needs to sign an agreement on cooperation and responsibility with the head of the institution responsible for the study." Doctoral Programme Board of the University of Zagreb recommends agreemment that you can download HERE.