The Student Council of the Faculty of Science

The Student Council of the Faculty of Science (SZPMF) is an elected student representative body that protects the interests of the students of PMF, participates in decision-making in the official bodies of PMF, and represents the students of PMF.

The Student Council:

  1. Elects student representatives to the Faculty Council of PMF, department councils, and to other bodies of the Faculty and faculty departments of PMF,
  2. Elects a representative of PMF students to the Student Council of the University of Zagreb,
  3. Adopts the plan and work program of the Student Council
  4. Determines the financial plan of the Student Council, and proposes it to the Faculty Council of PMF,
  5. Appoints a student ombudsman,
  6. Supervises the work of all elected student representatives, both in the Faculty Council of PMF and every department council,
  7. Decides on other issues in accordance with the Law, the Statute of the Student Council, and general acts of the Student Council.



The bodies of the student council consist of the president, the presidency and the committees. 

The President of the Student Council represents the Student Council, coordinates its work, prepares and convenes meetings of the Student Council, attends the conference of the Faculty of Science Council and disposes of funds of the Student Council in accordance with the budget and guidelines of the presidency. 

The presidency of the Student Council consists of the president and council members. The presidency is obliged to participate in the meetings of the Student Council where it proposes new decisions, participates in the discussion and makes decisions by voting. You can find the members of the presidency of the Student Council of the Faculty of Science here

Committees are working bodies of the Student Council that are appointed as needed for a certain type of activity (for example, the Budget Committee, the Student Programs Committee, the Committee for Education, the Promotion Committee...), and their members consist of the Student Council Presidency. Their purpose is to establish the allocation of work among members, so that the Student Council can operate more easily and efficiently.

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