Teaching in science and mathematics at the Faculty of Philosophy (then called the Faculty of Wisdom) in Zagreb began in 1876, and in 1946 the Faculty of Science (PMF) in Zagreb was founded – you see that our tradition of teaching reaches back 140 years! And in 2016, we were very proud to celebrate our 70th birthday!

In addition to providing a quality education in the field of your choosing, we at the PMF encourage problem-solving and analytical thinking skills, so that later it won’t really matter what the problem is but rather the fact that you will be able to solve it! That is why PMF students are respected as experts not only in their individual fields, but also in various professions that seemingly have nothing to do with what had been studied in the first place. The professions for which we educate at the PMF belong to the so-called STEM areas (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) and know no national boundaries. All this makes PMF students very employable, moreover extremely employable! Many of our former students are now successful teachers, scientists, entrepreneurs, and/or business people at home and abroad.

We take teaching and research seriously; if you roll up your sleeves, we will do our best to help you be the best you can be!

STEM stands for a group of areas that loosely fall under natural sciences (Science), technical sciences (Technology and Engineering), and mathematics. Natural sciences include mathematics, physics, geology, chemistry, biology, geophysics, and interdisciplinary natural sciences (such as teaching methodology in natural sciences and marine, environmental, and radiation science). Geography belongs to the group of interdisciplinary fields of science. By technical science we imply, for instance, electrical engineering, computer science, mechanical engineering, shipbuilding, civil engineering, architecture, geodesy, mining, petroleum and geological engineering, metallurgy, chemical engineering, traffic, aviation, textile, and graphic industries. Sometimes the “M” in the abbreviation is interpreted as medical sciences (Medicine). Of course, this group also includes all those areas of work that are a combination of the groups listed here – the possibilities are manifold!