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                The Faculty Council of the University of Zagreb Faculty of Science (hereinafter: the PMF), pursuant to Article 77 of the Faculty Statutes, announces a

C A L L   F O R   A P P L I C A T I O N S

for appointment of

 an associate to the associate position of senior assistant in natural science, the field of biology, for a fixed term and on a full-time basis, at the Division of Zoology of the PMF Department of Biology, to work on the Croatian Science Foundation installation project UIP-2020-02-5385: “Spatio-temporal variability of terrestrial and acquatic communities in the intermittent Dinaric karst rivers (DinDry)  – 1 person.

 Applications and proofs of eligibility under the terms and conditions of the Call should only be sent via the following web link:


The Call is open to applicants of both sexes on equal terms.

In addition to the general terms and conditions of employment, for all points of the Call the applicants must satisfy the conditions set forth in the Act on Higher Education and Scientific Activity (Official Gazette No. 119/22).


The applicants must satisfy the following terms and conditions: to hold a doctoral degree in natural science, the field of biology.


The applicants must also satisfy the following additional terms and conditions: experience related to molecular laboratory work; experience related to statistical data analysis.


In addition to their respective applications, the applicants must also satisfy additional terms and conditions in accordance with the Ordinance on Additional Terms and Conditions for Appointment into Grades and the Corresponding Positions at the University of Zagreb PMF Department of Biology.[1].pdf


In addition to their respective applications, the applicants submit: a CV, the relevant diploma, a proof of citizenship, the reprints of their published scientific papers to prove their eligibility under the additional terms and conditions.


The applicants who qualify for employment preference under the special regulations should refer to the preference in their application and provide all evidence as listed in the special regulations governing the priority placement rights, as well as all evidence of eligibility and of absence of any impediment to their exercising of the priority placement rights as stipulated under the special regulations. Such applicants will be given employment preference within this Call over other candidates, under the same terms and conditions of the Call, based on a duly completed and timely application, provided they meet all the terms and conditions of the Call and that they have achieved top scores at the interview.


An application shall be deemed duly completed if it contains all the data and supporting documents in keeping with the Call requirements. Incomplete and late applications shall not be taken into consideration, and the applicants shall not be subsequently invited to amend them.


Foreign nationals enclose a Croatian language certificate with their application.


The applicants who are eligible under the formal terms and conditions of the Call based on a duly completed and timely application, shall be invited for an interview with the Selection Board. 


The applicants will receive a separate notification with the time and place of the interview. Any applicants who fail to attend the interview at the time and the place as specified in the separate notification, shall be deemed to have withdrawn from the Call proceedings.


The PMF collects and processes the personal data of the applicants taking part in the Call for Applications for positions with the aim of verifiying qualifications and eligibility in accordance with the Decision on the Collection, Protection and Processing of Personal Data (CLASSIFICATION No. 035-01/18-01/5; FILE No:251-58-10201-18-2).


The closing date for submission of applications is 30 days after the publication of the Call in the Official Gazette.


The results of the Call will be published on the PMF website: (Competitions).

Author: Marijana Šurina
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