Council for doctoral studies

Council for doctoral studies is the main body responsible for organization and coordination of doctoral studies. Council meets at dates listed on the Croatian version of this page. Documentation for Council meetings should be submitted to the Office of doctoral studies, one week before the meeting.

Members of the council

Head of the Council (coordinator of doctoral studies)

Prof. Vernesa Smolčić

Deputy head

Ass. prof. Josip Stipčević




Module coordinator

Elementary particle physics

Assoc. prof. Maro Cvitan

Nuclear physics

Prof. Damir Bosnar


Prof.  Vernesa Smolčić (deputy: dr. sc. Vibor Jelić, senior research associate)

Atomic, molecular and optical physics (AMO)

Prof.  Hrvoje Buljan (deputy: dr. sc. Damir Aumiler, senior research associate)

Condensed matter physics

Prof.  Denis Sunko


Assoc. prof. Matko Glunčić

Medical physics

Ass. prof.  Tomislav Bokulić


Assoc. prof. Ivana Herceg Bulić


Ass. prof. Josip Stipčević



Council member from Ruđer Bošković Institute

Assoc. prof. dr. sc. Blaženka Melić, senior scientist (deputy: dr. sc. Vibor Jelić, senior research associate)



Council member from Institute of physics