Division of Zoology

The Division of Zoology of the Faculty of Science was established in 1874. It first started as a Chair, but from 1875 it became a Division of Zoology which was then a part of the Faculty of Philosophy. When the Faculty of Science was established in 1946, it became a part of the Department of Biology. At the same time, until 1950 the Department of Biology functioned together with the Division of Zoology at the Croatian National Museum. Extensive research in different areas of zoology is performed at the Division of Zoology. Limnological studies are focused on biocenology, saprobiology, aquachemistry and water fauna. The research of the ecology and underground fauna is especially interesting. The Division of Zoology also performs research on the taxonomy, population dynamics and ecology of invertebrates (e.g. protozoa, cnidarians, oligochaetes, polychaetes, bryozoans, isopods, niphargids, copepods, decapods, trichopterans, butterflies, dipterans and others) and vertebrates (fishes, amphibians, reptiles and mammals). Along with the research of natural living communities in the Adriatic, the influence of the pollution on their distribution is also monitored. Significant research also includes the areas of histology, histochemistry, endocrinology, animal cytogenetics, and regeneration of some invertebrates and ecotoxicology. The Division of Zoology has a library, as well as a rich collection of zoological items. The Division of Zoology also cooperates with numerous local and foreign institutions.