Lifelong learning

In line with the conclusions and recommendations of the European Commission (, the Department of Biology is launching activities to employ technological innovations in higher education. This is aimed at spurring development and achieving the social and economic potential the department strives for, as one of the primary institutions in the field of the biological sciences in the Republic of Croatia. In addition to supporting the needs of students in our study programmes, we are also adapting traditional teaching methods and increasing the use of on-line teaching tools, in order to implement the e-Study Strategy at the University of Zagreb. A portion of classes are held through the Merlin e-Study system. The Department of Biology is expanding its opportunities by supporting life-long learning. By organising various forms of learning throughout the education spectrum, from accredited programmes to seminars and courses, the department provides opportunities for its alumni and others interested in segments of biological education to participate in further professional development and training.

Life-long learning, as an imperative to professional success, has been recognised by the department staff. A series of professional development activities have been launched in various areas of the methodological and professional expertise of the staff, aimed at attaining other competencies for personal growth and development. In addition to the traditional forms, such as lectures by foreign and domestic eminent experts in various fields of biology, meetings within divisions and laboratory groups are organised periodically, aimed at presenting scientific accomplishments, with the on-line support of the EUBO (Biology Department e-Learning) remote learning system. In cooperation with several faculties and institutions, we organise the Training course for persons working with experimental animals and animals for the production of biological products. Particular attention has been dedicated to lecturers who are a part of the Cooperation with schools programme, the Educatio biologiae on-line support activities and cooperation with biology teachers. Under the auspices of the Department of Biology and the Croatian Biological Society, a mentorship network has been created for support, the exchange of experiences, and the development of teaching biological content.