Scientific projects on department of biology


Project title


Ivana Maguire Climate change and invasive species – assessing effects onto biodiversity of native freshwater crayfish and salmonids and their conservation  01.03.2017.-31.12.2020.
Dunja Leljak Levanić MATH-BTB proteins as switches between transcription and RNA-directed DNA methylation during plant development


Ivana Ivančić Baće

Cas3 as a key checkpoint for CRISPR-Cas immunity: elucidating it's regulation via protein stability and transcriptional control in Escherichia coli


Mladen Kučinić
DNA barcoding of Croatian faunal biodiversity



Višnja Besendorfer Genomic and epigenomic changes in auto- and allopolyploids: case studies on dalmatian pyrethrum, shalot and anemone 01.04.2016.-31.01.2021.
Anamaria Štambuk Genomic aspects of rapid evolution of Italian wall lizard (Podarcis sicula) 15.01.2017.-14.01.2021
Ivana Rešetnik Phylogeography and evolution of three ecologically divergent amphi-Adriatic plant groups 01.03.2018. – 31.12.2022.
Sunčica Bosak Loggerhead sea turtle (Caretta caretta) microbiome: insight into endozoic and epizoic communities 01.03.2018.-01.03.2023.
Lucija Šerić Jelaska Neonicotinoids and Copper in the Mediterranean Agriculture - their effects on non-target invertebrates through trophic interactions 01.03.2018.- 31.12.2022.
Sandra Hudina Changes in the pathogen composition and immune response during range expansion of successful crayfish invaders (STRIVE) 01.01.2018.-01.01.2023.
Inga Marijanović Ascorbic Acid for Selective Targeting of Sarcoma Stem Cells 07.06.2019.- 31.01.2023.
Ana Previšić Effects of multiple stressors on freshwater biodiversity and ecosystem functioning 01.11.2019.-31.05.2023.
Martina Šeruga Musić Strategies of phytoplasma pathogenicity: effectors, virulence factors and mobile genetic elements 01.02.2020. -29.02.2024.
Rosa Karlić  A statistical modelling approach to predict the cell-of-origin and investigate mechanisms of cancer development 01.01.2020. – 31.12.2023.
Petar Kružić Impact of climate change on coral biodiversity - research of mass mortality events in the Adriatic Sea 01.02.2020.- 31.12.2023.
Sofia Ana Blažević  Dopamine regulation of competitive behavior in coexisting lizard species - Podarcis sicula i Podarcis melisellensis 01.01.2020. – 31.12.2024.
Ivana Šola  Indirect Effect of Global Warming on Mammals Physiological Parameters via High Temperature-Stressed Plant Diet 15.02.2021.-22.11.2024.
Zrinka Ljubešić  Island trapped waves as a driver of primary production 01.02.2021.-31.01.2025.
Dijana Škorić Nanopore high-throughput sequencing for resolution of problems in plant pathogen epidemiology and diagnostics 01.10.2020. – 30.09.2023.