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Human Genome

Code: 60212
ECTS: 4.0
Lecturers in charge: dr. sc. Marijana Peričić Salihović , prof.
Lecturers: Anita Stojanović Marković , mag. biol. mol. - Practicum
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English level:


All teaching activities will be held in Croatian. However, foreign students in mixed groups will have the opportunity to attend additional office hours with the lecturer and teaching assistants in English to help master the course materials. Additionally, the lecturer will refer foreign students to the corresponding literature in English, as well as give them the possibility of taking the associated exams in English.

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Lecture typeTotal
Lectures 15
Practicum 30
* Load is given in academic hour (1 academic hour = 45 minutes)
Integration of the latest knowledge about the human genome based on DNA sequence analysis.

1. Introductory lecture, familiarization with the content and objectives of the course
2. Organization of the human genome, autosomal and sex chromosomes, structure of coding and non-coding regions
3. What makes us human? Evolution of gene structure. Comparison of human genome and great apes' genomes.
4. Linkage disequilibrium, explanation of the term, basic mathematical calculation, visualisation
5. and 6. Effects of evolutionary forces on the human genome. Selection and genetic drift, examples of the most famous adaptations.
7., 8. 9. Out of Africa - migration of modern humans, data based on mtDNA, Y chromosome and whole genome sequencing
10. Monogenetic traits, inheritance and mapping methods (linkage and exome sequencing)
11. Complex traits, inheritance and detection methods (association studies)
12. and 13. Human genome in personalized medicine- ADME genes, somatic mutations, examples from medical practice
14. Human genome in forensics, description of loci and detection methods
15. Neanderthal DNA. Comparison of Neanderthal DNA with modern human DNA, analysis of differences and similarities
  1. Human Molecular Genetics, T. Strachan and A. Read, Garland Science 2010
  2. Human Evolutionary Genetics: Origin, People and Diseases, M. Jobling, M. Hurles, T. Kivisild and C. Tyler-Smith, Garland publishing, 2013
  3. The Human Genom, J.E. Richards, R. Scott Hawely, Elsevier Inc. 2011
3. semester
Izborni predmeti - Biologija čovjeka - Regular study - Molecular Biology
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