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prof. dr. sc. Maria Špoljar

Title: Full Professor
Public phone number:+385(0)1 4877 754
Internal phone number:222
E-mail: E-mail
Department: Division of Zoology






During working time and by e-mail.

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List of select publications

1. Malekzadeh Viayeh, Reza; Špoljar, Maria (2012): Structure of rotifer assemblages in shallow water bodies of semi-arid northwest Iran differing in salinity and vegetation cover. Hydrobiologia, 686 (1); 73–89. 

2. Špoljar, Maria; Dražina, Tvrtko; Šargač, Jasmina; Kralj Borojević, Koraljka; Žutinić, Petar (2012): Submerged macrophytes as a habitat for zooplankton development in two reservoirs of a flow-through system (Papuk Nature Park, Croatia). Annales de Limnologie – International Journal of Limnology, 48 (2); 125–138.

3. Špoljar, Maria; Dražina, Tvrtko; Habdija, Ivan; Meseljević, Matija; Grčić, Zlatko (2011): Contrasting Zooplankton Assemblages in Two Oxbow Lakes with Low Transparencies and Narrow Emergent Macrophyte Belts (Krapina River, Croatia). International Review of Hydrobiology, 96 (2); 175–190. 

4. Špoljar, Maria; Primc-Habdija, Biserka; Habdija, Ivan (2007): Transport of seston in the karstic hydrosystem of the Plitvice Lakes (Croatia). Hydrobiologia, 579 (1); 199–209.

 5. Špoljar, Maria; Habdija, Ivan; Primc-Habdija, Biserka; Sipos, Laszlo (2005): Impact of Environmental Variables and Food Availability on Rotifer Assemblage in the karstic Barrage Lake Visovac (Krka River, Croatia). International Review of Hydrobiology, 90 (5 – 6); 555–579. 





Professional memberships

Functional community structure in shallow lakes

Lake restoration

Zooplankton ecology in  karst lakes

Mass transport in flow-through system

Trophic relationships in benthic-pelagic coupling

Microfaual community in biological wastewater treatment

Hrvatsko biološko društvo

Hrvatsko ekološko društvo

International Association for Danube Research (IAD)

Freshwater Biological Association (FBA)

European Pond Conservation Network (EPCN)

List of select projects

1. Špoljar, Maria; Dražina, Tvrtko; Lajtner, Jasna; Radanović, Ines; Ternjej, Ivančica; Mitić, Božena, Hruševar, Dario (20014): The influence of environmental conditions on the biocenoses in lakes and limestone barriers in the Papuk Nature Park.

2. 2. Špoljar, Maria; Dražina, Tvrtko; Ostojić, Ana; Kralj Koraljka; Šargač, Jasmina; Štafa, Dagmar; Meseljević, Matija (2008): Tufa biocenosess of Jankovac Waterfall in the Papuk Nature Park.

3. Primc Habdija; Biserka; Plenković-Moraj, Anđelka; Ternjej, Ivančica; Matoničkin Kepčija, Renata; Špoljar, Maria; Gligora, Marija; Kralj, Koraljka; Sertić Perić, Mirela; Žutinić, Petar (2008): Plankton - physiographic, hydrological, ecological and biological characteristics of HRL types in Croatian hydrographic network. In: Habdija, I. et al. Ecological study of inland waters in Croatia according to the criteria of water framework directive.

4. Primc Habdija, Biserka; Špoljar, Maria (1996): Zooplankton: 92–118. In: Habdija, I. et al. Studies of the water quality of the Krka and Čikola River based on physical, chemical and bacteriological characteristics of water and biocenological-ecological relations in the functional organization of benthic and plankton communities. Part 2. Assessing of the water quality of the Krka and Čikola rivers based on the analysis of biocenological-ecological relations in functional organized plankton and benthic communitiesDepartment of Biology, Faculty of Science, Zagreb.