• Excellence in university education in science and mathematics and the development of innovative curricula and techniques based on research and the latest scientific findings.

  • Lifelong education in science and mathematics in accordance with the Bologna Process and the Lisbon Declaration and adhering to the needs of society.

  • High quality, internationally relevant, and competitive basic research in the fields of science and mathematics while promoting new interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary fields of research.

  • Contribute to the development of the economy and society as a whole through applied and developmental research within the national triangle of knowledge formed by means of cooperation with the business sector, in particular the industry and financial institutions.

  • Recognizing and fostering excellence in all areas of activity and nurturing academic freedom marked by personal responsibility.

  • The promotion and popularisation of natural sciences and mathematics in all parts of society for the purpose of accepting and guiding younger generations toward natural sciences.

  • Enable students to contribute to solving scientific problems, popularise science, and raise awareness on global social problems.

  • Promote ethical principles and affirmative and critical thinking, embracing social responsibility and promoting social change while being open to it.

  • Develop and promote science and mathematics at the University of Zagreb by participating in internationally relevant and competitive basic, applied, and developmental research. Design and development of innovative research-based curricula. Contribute to science and education in the Republic of Croatia and the world through its entire work and activities.





  • The PMF is one of the leading regional university institutions for scientific and educational work and expertise in the fields of natural sciences and mathematics and a beacon of the development of natural sciences and mathematics in the Republic of Croatia.

  • The staff of the Faculty conduct internationally relevant and competitive basic research, creating the basis for the further growth of science and mathematics and the initiation of applied and developmental research.

  • High quality study programs and scientific and professional work are ensured through the continuous development of its scientific and organisational infrastructure.

  • For the most part, the Faculty of Science is located within the North Campus of the University of Zagreb, within which cooperation with other university constituents and public research institutes is promoted.

  • University study programmes within the University of Zagreb are based on science, innovation, and new knowledge and strive to contribute to the social and economic development of the Republic of Croatia.

  • Students and staff who form an academic community endowed with freedom of exploration and creation, mutual trust and respect, and collaboration.

  • The PMF is an internationally recognised and relevant centre of excellence for science, education, and expertise in the fields of science and mathematics, and its students and staff are involved within the European Research Area as equal participants.