What is psychological counseling?

Psychological counseling in the Career Center is a process that involves a counselor and a student, who create a professional relationship in order to support and help student. Student brings his or her topics and difficulties and the counselor brings knowledge, skills, unconditional support and experience in working with other individuals who had the same or similar reasons for seeking professional help.

Who is psychological counseling for?  

Psychological counseling does not exclude anyone. Everyone can benefit from psychological counseling throughout life. People deal with life's problems in different ways. One of these ways is psychological counseling that involves an impartial and professional approach, as well as confidentiality and privacy. For most problems people find solution and relief using their own resources (e.g. knowledge, skills, friends and people who can help, etc.) but sometimes psychological counseling is a better solution because it helps get the insights faster, see the problem in a new light, and often solve the problem more quickly. Seeking professional help is a sign of maturity, not weakness. If anyone is wondering if they should seek help they can arrange an appointment and, together with professional, make a decision whether to continue with psychological counseling.

Who can apply for psychological counseling? 

The psychological counseling service is intended for all undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate students of the Faculty of Science. 

They can apply for psychological counseling via e-mail and/or in person at the Career Center.

Why do students come to psychological counseling?

Common difficulties that students have and the reasons why they come to counseling associated with learning, time management, emotional problems (anxiety, different fears such as fear of examinations, failure, public speaking, etc.), problems in relationships with others, partnerships and sexuality, mood disorders (sadness, depression, suicidal thoughts, etc.).

What can be expected from counseling?

Through a professional relationship, that provides safe space and acceptance, one can get help for personal problems and difficulties. Through this relationship, where privacy and confidentiality are ensured, the student and the counselor deal with the personal difficulties that led to psychological counseling. Psychological counseling is a process in which the student and the counselor participate and cooperate together, and they jointly agree on the goals, the beginning and the end of counseling.

How long does the counseling take? 

Counseling in our Psychological Counseling Service is short-term and problem-oriented. Up to ten meetings are planned for students who apply for counseling. The duration of the meeting is 50 min. Research and experience in the work of student counseling centers have shown that counseling usually lasts, on average, six meetings. A large number of students, who complete the treatment in agreement with the counselor, achieve the goals they wanted to achieve after only five meetings, and almost all after fifteen meetings. In exceptional situations, counseling can take longer, but research on the effectiveness of counseling and student needs shows that there is no need for longer counseling.

What if the need for help goes beyond the scope of the career center’s activities?

The student can always contact the Career Center where they will receive information on where to seek further help.

What if you are concerned about another person (family member, partner, friends…)? 

If the students are concerned about someone else, they can arrange a meeting to discuss about the contents of their concerns.


Students can contact the professional associates of the Career Center via e-mail address in order to arrange an appointment:

Ružica Branković Klun, univ. spec. psych., professional associate of the Career Center ruzica.brankovic.klun@karijere.pmf.hr 

Tereza Oreb, M.S.W., professional associate of the Career Center tereza.oreb@karijere.pmf.hr 

Also, students can arrange an appointment by coming to the Career Center in person.