Dear Erasmus Students,

Greetings from the Faculty of Science International Relations Office (IRO PMF). We wish you a warm welcome to the City and University of Zagreb. We hope your stay here will be interesting and enjoyable, but above all rewarding and useful for your personal growth and future professional career.

The Faculty of Science is part of the University of Zagreb; therefore your application and your study at the Faculty of Science are managed by two IRO offices:

•    University of Zagreb International Relations Office: 
•    Faculty of Science International Relations Office (IRO PMF


Important contacts at IRO PMF Role
Antonijo Šimunović Head of the Office for International Relations and Project Monitoring
Professor Martina Jakovčić, PhD Vice Dean for International Relations
Professor Mladen Vuković, PhD Vice Dean for Education and Student Affairs and ECTS coordinator for Faculty of Science 


Additionally, as the Faculty of Science comprises seven departments, each department has a Departmental International relations coordinator.

Each Department has its own Students office (Admission office) which is responsible for your enrollment procedure (see below):

1.    Department of Biology
2.    Department of Chemistry
3.    Department of Geography
4.    Department of Geology
5.    Department of Geophysics
6.    Department of Mathematics
7.    Department of Physics



INTERNATIONAL STUDENT GUIDE: On this website, you will find a lot of important and practical information that will help you prepare your study exchange period at the University of Zagreb:



ACADEMIC YEAR 2022/2023 October 2nd to September 30th
WINTER SEMESTER October 2nd to January 26th
Winter examination period (no classes)
January 29th to February 23rd
SUMMER SEMESTER February 26th to June 14th
Summer examination period (no classes)
June 17th to July 12th and August 26th to September 20th


NATIONAL HOLIDAYS: Information on national holidays and winter break on the following linkNo classes are held on these dates!



•    Visa, residence permit and health insurance: please visit these pages
•    Housing information and living expenses
•    ICT services: After you get your username and password from the Faculty (AAI; see below) you will enroll, download the             necessary installation software from, get a cable (no wireless in the dorm).


You can find information regarding the courses in English available to Erasmus+ students on the following links:

1.    Department of Biology
2.    Department of Chemistry
3.    Department of Geography
4.    Department of Geology
5.    Department of Geophysics
6.    Department of Mathematics
7.    Department of Physics


All procedures after the signing of the Learning Agreement are handled by the International Relations Office (IRO PMF: Below you can find all the steps that follow the signing of the document.


Step 1: Signing of the Learning agreement

Signing of the Learning agreement (signed by the student, sending institution and receiving institution)


Step 2: Obtaining Tax number 

Tax number (hrv. OIB = osobni identifikacijski broj) needs to be assigned to each visiting student. This will be handled by the IRO PMF and the student. Shortly following the signing of the Learning agreement, IRO PMF will send an e-mail with the form entitled Power of Attorney (which enables IRO PMF to obtain this number in your name from the responsible institutions). Please respond to that e-mail and send the required information promptly, since the Tax number is required for the rest of the enrolment procedure! If you do not receive such e-mail, please contact IRO PMF about it at least one month before your arrival (


Step 3: Submission of enrolment documentation to Student (Admissions) Office


You will be enrolled into selected courses by the Departmental Student (Admissions) Office – please find all the contacts above. For the enrolment the following documents are required:

1)    Tax number (Step 2)
2)    Acceptance Letter
3)    Application for UNIZG Exchange

All these documents are required at least 2 weeks prior to your arrival to Zagreb since they contain all information required by the Admissions Office for your enrolment. 


Step 4: Enrolment 

After all these documents have been provided, the Admissions Office will complete your enrolment and prepare:

1)    Certificate of enrolment
2)    Student card (required for meals in Student cantinas and various student discounts for museums, exhibitions etc.). You              will receive the form from the student office, which you will fill in, sign and return to the student office (via e-mail). Please bring at least 2 photographs approximately passport size with you to Zagreb!
3)    AAI Identification (Authentication and Authorisation Infrastructure of science and higher education in Croatia). You will                receive a personal username and password which registers you as a student at the University of Zagreb and is required              for accessing your Courses, online Course groups and information as well as for internet access (Eduroam).
4)    Bus/tram form (ZET formular) which you need to fill in and Student office will instruct you where you need to submit it in            order to get a Student Public Transportation Card (ZET karta)

Step 5: Procedures after enrolment

Once you have submitted all forms under Step 3, you will receive an e-mail from the Student Admission Office that you have been enrolled and will be assigned date and time when you can visit the office and pick up your documentation in person (Student card, AAI, ZET form). Come only at the provided time – or contact the Student Admissions office to change the date/time if necessary! Also – bring at least 2 photographs approximately passport size with you.

Now you will be able to access your student account and see your courses visible in the system. Then you should contact the leader of each enrolled course and arrange all details regarding the course with them.

Step 6: Procedures during the semester

If you wish to substitute a course with another course offered in English – you must do so within 30 days from the beginning of semester. This must be arranged by the student – the student must obtain the course leader's consent for withdrawing from the course, as well as consent for enrolment from the leader of the newly selected course. These consents should be in writing (e-mail) and must be forwarded to the IRO PMF Office ( This will be followed by changes to the Learning agreement which will be organised between the student and the IRO PMF Office.

All late substitutions (after 30 days) will require formal request to Departmental international relations coordinator (listed above) and IRO PMF Office with valid reasons for such late change, proofs that will back up such request, as well as formal proofs that all course leaders agree with this change (in writing via e-mail). All requested documentation should be submitted in writing to the Departmental Student office and will be subsequently forwarded to the Departmental Coordinators who will evaluate the request. Keep in mind that such late request may not be granted!