Chair for Didactics of Matematics and informatics

The Chair for Didactics of Mathematics and Informatics was established in 1978/1979. The first chairman was professor Boris Pavković (1931-2006)  who held this position until 1994 and then until 2002 the chairman was professor Zdravko Kurnik (1937-2010).  Since then, several professors from Department of Mathematics have been served as head of the Chair.

At the beginning members of the Chair were authors and reviewers of textbooks in mathematics and informatics. Today the members of the Chair are employees of the Faculty whose scientific and professional activities are related to didactics of mathematics and informatics, popularization and improvement of mathematics and informatics teaching at all levels of education. The scientific interest of the members of the Chair is fundamental research in mathematics and informatics education as well as research  of the understanding and applications of basic mathematical concepts in the context of mathematics and other school subjects. Members of the Chair participate in the organization of scientific and professional conferences connected with didactics of mathematics, cooperate with the Ministry of Science and Education and other institutions in the preparation and implementation of various activities related to the education in the field of mathematics and computer science at all levels of education, and participate in the organization and implementation of lifelong education of teachers of mathematics and computer science.