Full project title: REMAKE - Development of efficient methodology for finite element method based structural analysis of marine structures

Financing: European Regional Development Fund through Operational programme Competitiveness and Cohesion 2014-2020.

Total project value: 3.832.321,00 HRK (505.583,25 EUR).

Amount of EU co-financing: 3.021.854,26 HRK (398.661,51 EUR).

Project implementation period: june 2018. - december 2021. (42 months).

Project status: In progress.

Project web site:


Project description

Unique and innovative software is under development through a collaborative research, which will provide BONUM d.o.o. with a simple, productive and upgradeable process of the structural response and adequacy analysis (based on numerical methods) in design of floating structures. Since project implementation demands significant increase of the BONUM d.o.o. investment in research and since positive effects of the developed software exploitation will ensure significant increase in BONUM d.o.o. service innovativeness and workflow speed and capacity, it is safe to say that it will lead to the radical structural change of the BONUM d.o.o. Since the similar software currently does not exist on a global shipbuilding market, resulting software can be considered as a completely new product on the global market. Project is managed and executed by the SME BONUM d.o.o. with two partnering faculties of the University of Zagreb – Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture and Faculty of Science.

Project aims

• To develop software which will provide existing and future clients of the BONUM d.o.o. with a better service and enable higher competitiveness of the BONUM d.o.o. on a global shipbuilding market;
• To expand business volume, achieve higher income and profit and enable new job opportunities trough better BONUM d.o.o. productivity.