Full project title: Robustness in sparse random-like graphs - RobSparseRand 

Financing: Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions through program Horizon 2020.

Amount of EU financing: 147.463,68 EUR

Project implementation period: 20.09.2021. - 19.09.2023. (24 months)

Researcher: Nina Kamčev, PhD

Supervizor: assistant professor Rudi Mrazović, PhD

Project status:  in progress


Project aims

This project aims to:

1) solve important open problems in Ramsey theory, shedding light on a surprising synergy between structural and Ramsey-type properties of graphs,

2) open up new frontiers in sparse Ramsey theory by using random Cayley graphs as much-needed alternative sparse robust graphs to the Erdos-Renyi model,

3) advance the essential tools in random graph theory (sparse regularity framework, concentration bounds, embedding techniques) by taking them into an entirely new algebraic setting,

4) illuminate potentially useful classes of expander graphs with both structure and randomness.