History of the Central Mathematical Library

The reading room with its collection of journals was established in 1949. The reading room was also the headquarters of the Association of mathematicians and physicists.

Book collections existed within individual divisions of the Faculty of Science; Division of Matematics, Geometry and Applied Mathematics, all located on Marulić square 19. The Central mathematical library was formed by merging these collections with the library of the Institute for mathematics within the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Unska street.

The Central mathematical library collected books, reference materials, master’s theses and disertations, while the reading room provided access to journals.

With the unification of the collections, they were reclassified according to Mathematics Subject Classification, and the alphabetical, subject and shelf list card catalogs were created. At the start of 1984 several other changes were implemented – new call numbers, reorganization of materials on shelves, loans organization, etc.

During the years of 1991/1992, the Mathematics department moved to the new building. The library and reading room were allocated a purpose-built space (about 350 square meters), and in 2004 a new reading room was opened in a separate space of about 300 square meters.

In 1993 books started being managed through a computer system – CROLIST for books published since 1980 and ISIS for books published before 1979.

In the effort of making the catalog a publicly available database, since 1997 only one program is used – ISIS.

Journals were managed through the program “Periodika” by Sand Plus.

In 2001 a new program package ZaKi was implemented, which allowed the catalog to be available on the internet, and the journal catalog was added to it in 2009.


Library collections in 2020

  • books: about 37000 items
  • journals: mostly acquired through exchange for the journal Glasnik Matematički, bought by the Department of Mathematics, a smaller part through donations
    • 1161 titles, 175 current titles
    • 78284 individual issues