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Climatological data

Monthly and annual averages are available on the PSMSL database website. Sea level is given in mm relative to zero, which is determined by PSMSL.


Hourly sea level

Hourly sea level is available from December 1929 to three years ago. The measurements refer to the mean sea level (z0 = 73.8045 cm) calculated for the period 1962-1980 (national system HVRS71). If the sea level is to be expressed relative to the chart datum, 32.3 cm must be added to the values given. The time is given in UTC+1. A detailed description of the dataset can be found in Međugorac et al. (2022). The data are available for scientific research via the SEANOE database under the CC-BY-NC licence (Međugorac et al., 2021;

All papers using hourly sea level should cite the source (Međugorac et al., 2021; and cite the paper by Međugorac et al. (2022).


Minute sea level

1-minute average sea levels are displayed here, measured by a float-type sensor (OTT) and expressed relative to the tide-gauge zero.


Original tide-gauge charts

The original charts of the Bakar data can be found in the archives of the Department of Geophysics. They have been systematically catalogued, archived by year and stored in metal cabinets. The original water level records are often studied when analysing historical storm surges and processes on a shorter time scale (such as tsunamis and meteorological tsunamis) and are regularly used in geophysical research. The charts are also used to check suspicious digitised values and are shared with scientists from other institutions (and other countries) in case they need to check the records on their charts.



A list of scientific papers in which the Bakar sea level was used can be found in the Repository. We would be grateful if you could inform us of any scientific or commercial publications based on Bakar sea levels. This will give us insight into the impact of our data, but will also be helpful in securing funding for the station's future work.


Please send all questions and information to Iva Međugorac (ivamed[at] or Mira Pasarić (mpasaric[at]