The importance of geography as an interdisciplinary science integrating the natural and social realms is reflected in the research, explanation, and understanding of complex contemporary spatial, social, political, economic, and demographic processes, contexts, and relationships. The scientific activity of the Department is carried out through a series of researches, often in the framework of national and international scientific and professional projects.

Physical-geographical research focuses on geomorphological, climatic and hydrological phenomena, processes and changes in the environment and geoecological research, assessment and protection of landscape and nature.

Sociogeographical research aims at planning and evaluation of demographic and economic resources in space and the research of cultural landscapes, processes and changes in urban and rural areas, as well as the research of cognitive processes in geography education.

The researches of our scientists have been published in prestigious international journals such as: Nature, Science, Annales, Cultural geographies, Social Research, Geographic Annaler, Geomorphology, Quaternary International, The Cryosphere, Tijdschrift voor economische en sociale geografie, Zeitschrift fuer Geomorphologie and many others.

Our researchers are constantly organizing and participating in scientific conferences and symposia. In their work, they collaborate with a number of institutions. If you are also interested in cooperation, let us know!