Graduate studies in Geography

Graduate Research Programme in Geography, lasting two years, is a continuation of the basic study. Therefore, in that study, the emphasis is on elective courses which take place at the parent department, but also out of it. It is necessary to accumulate at least 120 ECTS credits. A prominent applicable character of study programmes requires student training in partner institutions. Certain specialization in several study programmes has also been anticipated at this stage. Graduate Research Programme in Geography: Physical Geography and Geoecology has a marked geoecological approach with a possibility of choosing courses in related fields. Study of Spatial Planning and Regional Development offers specialization in the field of social geography and it is primarily assigned to the students of geography interested in the management of spatial resources. Study of Heritage and Tourism offers a complex study with the emphasis on historical-geographic and cultural-geographic contents and tourist valorisation of space, while the study of Geographic Information Systems is closely directed to the acquisition of theoretic knowledge necessary for spatial-analytic work, i. e. for the work with the GIS, as well as to the adoption of corresponding skills. Academic title acquired by graduation is University Master in Geography (univ. mag. geogr.).

Education study. Besides the Graduate Education Programme in Geography and History lasting five years (in collaboration with the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences in Zagreb), there is a two-year Graduate Education Programme in Geography. During this study it is necessary to accumulate 120 ECTS credits. The study produces teachers of geography in the primary, secondary (gymnasium) and professional schools. Academic titles acquired by graduation are University Master in Geography and History Education (univ. mag. educ. geogr. et hist.), i. e. University Master in Geography Education (univ. mag. educ. geogr.).




COMMON STUDIES  - Graduate studies of Environmental Sciences

In collaboration with the Departments of Geology and Biology, Faculty of Science, there are common undergraduate and graduate studies of Environmental Sciences taking place at the Department of Geography.