Enrollment in the Library:

  • all full-time students of the Faculty of Science can enroll in the Library
  • a student ID card is required for enrollment

Borrowing books:

  • to borrow books a student ID card is required
  • Library materials can be borrowed for a maximum of 30 days (if there are more copies, one copy is not borrowed but can be used in the reading room)
  • a student can borrow a maximum of 3 books
  • the book can be extended in person or at the library contact
  • journals, evaluation papers and maps are not borrowed outside the Library and are intended solely for reading room work
  • before graduation or in case of leaving the study, the user is obliged to return all borrowed material, after which he receives a confirmation that the library material has been returned

► When certifying a semester, it is necessary to return all borrowed books to the Library so that the student can certify the semester.