Undergraduate study at the Department of Geology

The undergraduate study of Geology is a three-year study carried out by the Faculty of Science, University of Zagreb, at the  Department of Geology. Upon completion of the study, 180 ECTS are acquired, and the study ends with the preparation and defense of Seminar III.

Upon completion of the undergraduate study, the bachelor acquires the ability to perform tasks that cover assistance and technical activities in scientific, professional and educational institutions, public administration, economy and public sector, nature parks, national parks, etc. These are technical tasks related to research in geology and other scientific branches of science and to improve the practical application of research results. These include: preparation of materials and equipment for laboratory and field research and analysis, collection and preparation of samples in the field and in the laboratory, testing and analysis in the field and in the laboratory, computer processing and classification of data, assistance to specialized experts, providing logistical support for scientific research and research projects tasks, application of scientific achievements in solving problems in work, maintenance of research equipment, etc.

Student leader of the undergraduate study of Geology: doc. dr. sc. Maja Martinuš

Learning outcomes for the Undergraduate study of Geology - click HERE.
Learning outcomes for individual courses can be found in ISVU and in the study programme documentation, which can be found HERE and in the modified programme documentation found HERE.

The list of courses and their distribution by semesters, subject prerequisites and all other details can be found in the category Undergraduate study -> Geology.
All information on how to complete the undergraduate study and take the final seminar can be found in the category Undergraduate study -> Final Seminar.