Full project title: MERIA - Mathematics Education – Relevant, Interesting and Applicable

Financing: Erasmus+ Programme

Amount of EU co-financing: 268.300,00 EUR.

Project implementation period: 01.09.2016. - 31.08.2019.

Project status: Completed.

Project web site:


Project description

 Project's main goal was to improve quality of mathematical education in high schools in Europe through research-oriented approach to mathematics teaching, with adequate support in teacher's professional development. Project MERIA developed positive attitude towards mathematics through implementation of activities which promote mathematics as interesting, important and, above all, useful. One of the educational aims of The strategic framework for European cooperation in education and training (ET 2020) is lowering number of weaker achievements in reading, mathematical and digital literacy and natural science. Project activities were aimed at high school students with difficulties in mathematics studying, with goal to upgrade their knowledge and attitude towards mathematics. Activities were based on scientific research which states that students can't acquire basic skills if they aren't actively involved in situations that require those skills and students percieve them as logical. Project MERIA was focused on development of high school student's higher cognitive skills and teaching methods based on problem solving. Those goals were accomplished by creating inovative teaching materials and providing adequate support for teachers' professional development. By that, teachers got support in implementing research-oriented methods in their classes.

 MERIA team consisted of experts from 11 institutions from four countries:

Faculty of Science (University of Zagreb), Croatia – leading partner,

Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing (University of Zagreb), Croatia,

Faculty of Organization and Informatics (University of Zagreb), Croatia,

Croatian Mathematical Society, Croatia

Fifteenth Gymnasium, Croatia,

Copenhagen University, Denmark

Vordingborg Gymnasium, Denmark,

Mathematics Teachers Society, Denmark,

University of Utrechtu, Netherlands,

University of Ljubljana, Slovenia,

National Education Institute, Slovenia.