The Professional Practice course aims to connect students with potential future employers, through practical work with employers with who the Faculty of Science has previously signed a cooperation agreement with, and through practical work in laboratories and rooms equipped as part of the ProSPer project at the Faculty of Science.
Through professional practice students will be able to expand the knowledge and skills acquired through theoretical and practical education in the classical form of teaching. Through the experience of professional practice students will get acquainted with work processes in a real work environment and prepare for the world of work.
The internship of an individual student will last from 40 to 120 working hours, depending on the rules of the internship course that the student attends in a particular department of the Faculty of Science.
In agreement with the selected employer, the duration of the student's professional internship can be extended in accordance with his wishes and the possibilities of the employer.


Students can apply for a professional internship through the Career Centre, in accordance with the instructions published on this website.