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The Presidency of the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts, at a session held on March 30, 2022, based on the proposal and opinion of the HAZU class, the report of the Awards Committee of March 21, 2022 and Article 10 of the Ordinance passed the Decision on the awarding of HAZU prizes for the highest scientific and artistic achievements in the Republic of Croatia for 2021.

We are pleased to point out that the recipient of the award in the field of mathematical, physical and chemical sciences is

Professor Marcela Hanzer, PhD, (Faculty of Science - Department of Mathematics)

for outstanding recent scientific contributions in the theory of representations of classical p-ad groups and the theory of automorphic forms and the Langlands program which include full gender determination of degenerate Eisenstein series for classical groups and those derived from Jordan algebras, complete and explicit description of theta lifts of type I classical pairs p-ad groups, a complete and explicit description of theta lifts of representations that have a Whittaker model and the problem of placing representations with Whittaker models in standard modules and R-group theory for metaplectic groups; published in a series of 6 papers in the period from 2018 to 2021 in prestigious international journals.

Congratulations to professor Marcela Hanzer on this extraordinary achievement!

Author: Božidar Tartaro
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