The Department of Physics and its Vision


The Department of Physics, Faculty of Science, University of Zagreb is the leading regional center for scientific research and university-level educational program in the field of physics. Employees of the Department of Physics are conducting internationally relevant and competitive research; they participate as project leaders or researchers on the competitive national and international research projects, thus contributing to the higher education in the field of physics at the University of Zagreb (UofZ). Employees of the Department of Physics collaborate on joint projects with the industry to contribute to the development of knowledge and innovation-based economy, as well as other components of UofZ to strengthen multidisciplinary and inter-disciplinary research and the potential to integrate into the European Research Area. Their scientific work is connected with innovative teaching techniques, thus providing a creative and stimulating environment for the education of future generations of physicists.

Department of Physics promotes science in the Republic of Croatia, and at the local community level, it also participates in the developing of educational program for teaching of physics in primary and secondary education, and contribute to the technological development of the Republic of Croatia with the objective of sustainable development of economy and society as a whole.


The Department of Physics and its Mission


The main objectives of the Department of Physics include continuous improvement of the quality of scientific research, the development of innovative curricula and techniques based on research and the latest scientific discoveries, greater international visibility and recognition of the Department, as well as the increasing impact on the development of the economy and society as a whole.

Department of Physics achieves its mission by trying to evenly represent the underlying sub- disciplines of physics in research and teaching, but also to promote new areas of research, with an emphasis on interdisciplinary and applied research.

The Department of Physics also encourages the development of educational physics through primary and secondary education by participating in the development of the curriculum, developing methodology of physics education, teaching aids and textbooks, through lifelong learning programs and training of teachers, and particularly through continued work with students that were recognized as extremely talented.

The Department of Physics actively promotes the highest ethical principles in scientific research, critical thinking, openness to social, scientific, technological and educational changes, as well as the working autonomy at the University, both scientific and educational.


The Department of Physics and its strengths / advantages:

• competent and motivated scientific and educational staff with a favorable age structure;
• younger members of the Department are very active in research, publishing and attracting financial resources;
• among most active scientists are included all generational groups and favorable number of sub- disciplines in physics;
• members of the Department regularly publish in leading international scientific journals with high impact factor (IF);
• certain research groups collaborate with major international groups and institutions in their research and development of technology, while some members of the Department are the leading scientists in their field of work at the global level;
• a large number of outstanding and highly-motivated graduates per year are interested in continuing their education and obtaining a doctoral degree;
• high interest of high school graduates for educational research program;
• favorable ratio between teachers and students that allows undisturbed scientific work and provides a quality higher-education process