List of projects at the Department of Physics

Starting year

Project Title

Leader / Coordinator Financial Support Duration (Months)
2017 ZCI QuantiXLie Hrvoje Buljan ZCI  
2017 The Janus-face of the localized carrier in cuprates: Generating the pseudogap and high temperature superconductivity Neven Barišić ERC 64
2017 Synthetic Magnetic Fields with Interactions and Anyons Hrvoje Buljan HRZZ 48
2017 Precise Computation of Physical Quantities in Supersymmetric Particle Physics Models Amon Ilakovac HRZZ 48
2017 Collective effects, tunneling and topological transport in novel nanojunctions Danko Radić HRZZ 48
2016 Topological properties of optical and photonic lattices (Buljan) Hrvoje Buljan MZOS 24
2016 Magneto-electric properties of nanostructured multiferroic ceramics based on transition metal oxides Damir Pajić MZOS 24
2016 Proof of concept for use of polarization in positron emmission tomography Mihael Makek HAMAG-BICRO 12
2016 Instrument for investigating mechanical properties of materials in extreme conditions Damjan Pelc HAMAG-BICRO 10
2015 Struktura i dinamika egzotičnih femto-sustava Nils Paar HRZZ  
2015 Zvijezde i prašina: stuktura, sastav i interakcija Krešimir Pavlovski HRZZ  
2015 Akrobacije molekulskih kristala za novu generaciju aktuatora Željko Skoko HRZZ  
2015 Environmental studies of active galactic nuclei in the XXL multiwavelength survey (AGN environs in XXL) Olga Melnyk (Vernesa Smolčić) NEWFELPRO  
2015 Quantum Critical Matter in Strongly Correlated Electronic Systems Mihael Srđan Grbić UKF  
2015 Multiferroic and magneto-electric systems Damir Pajić HRZZ 36
2015 Energy density functional description of nuclear fission Jie Zhao Newfelpro (incoming) 24
2014 Constraining Stellar Mass and Supermassive Black Hole Growth through Cosmic Times: Paving the way for the next generation sky surveys Vernesa Smolčić ERC 60
2014 High precision measurements of hadronic system properties and low energy QCD Damir Bosnar HRZZ 48
2014 Local Probe and Mesoscopic Dynamics of New Phases in Strongly Correlated Electron Systems Miroslav Požek HRZZ 48
2014 Gravity and parity violation Maro Cvitan HRZZ 36
2014 Transport, magnetic and thermodynamic properties of selected inorganic and organic materials Ivan Kokanović HRZZ 48
2014 MIAU Matter and Interactions at Accelerators and in Universe Krešimir Kumerički HRZZ 48
2014 Microscopic description of weak - interaction processes relevant for heavy element nucleosynthesis Marketin Tomislav MZOS 24
2014 Physical Research of Active and Paleoenvironmental processes in Caves of Dinaric Karst Dalibor Paar MZOS 24
2014 Universal models of exotic nuclear structure Nikšić Tamara MZOS 24
2014 Graphene based nonlinear quantum optics Marinko Jablan NEWFELPRO 16
2014 Specific Heat Capacity and Anisotropic Magnetic Properties of High Temeperature Superconductors: Yba2Cu306+x and TI2BaCuO6+x single crystals Ivan Kokanović NEWFELPRO 16
2014 Relativistic Nuclear Energy Density Functional for Astrophysical Applications Nils Paar NEWFELPRO 16
2014 Next generation energy density functional Vaia Prassa NEWFELPRO (incoming) 24
2014 Quantum chromodynamics in accelerated frames Sanjin Benić NEWFELPRO 36
2013 Multifuctional complex metal tellurates: structure-property relationship study Željko Skoko UKF  
2013 Kinetochore oscillation in mitotic metaphase Nenad Pavin Max Planck Institute of Molecular Cell Biology and Genetics  
2013 Analysis Software for Digitized Positron Annihilation Setups for Slow Positron Beam System Damir Bosnar IAEA  
2013 Constraining AGN feedback through cosmic times: Paving the way for the next generation radio facilities Vernesa Smolčić FP7 48
2013 Pseudo-magnetic forces and fields for atoms and photons  Hrvoje Buljan UKF 24
2013 Study of the momentum correlations in high energy collisions using event structure criteria and ALICE detector at LHC Mirko Planinić UKF 24
2013 The role of microtubule pivoting in formation of complex structures such as microtubule bundles and mitotic spindles Nenad Pavin UKF 24
2013 Injektiranje, detekcija i manipulacija spina u dvodimenzionalnom elektronskom plinu u oksidnim heterostrukturama Mario Basletić MZOS 24
2012 Study of Strongly Interacting Matter Krešimir Kumerički FP7 36
2012 Contactless luminescent thermometer for special needs in electroenergetic facilities Antonije Dulčić BICRO 24
2012 Magnetic properties of ferrites and metal borides nanoparticles Pajić Damir MZOS 24
2012 Magneto-electrical properties of the multiferroic PZT-PFW ceramics and transition metal fluorides Pajić Damir MZOS 24
2011 Integrated physics approach to robotics designed laboratory Darko Androić Erasmus (Leonardo Da Vinci) 36
2011 Expliting opto-machanical properties of graphene for novel nano-technologies UKF 93/11 Marinko Jablan UKF 6
2010 Hétérostructures d'Oxydes Multifonctionnels à Mobilité Elevée pour la Spintronique Amir Hamzić MZOS 24
2009 Strengthening the SOLid-state research capacities in Zagreb by the introduction of nuclear magnetic resonance method Miroslav Požek FP7 36
2009 Spin-Isospin Excitations in Exotic Nuclei and Astrophysically Relevant Weak Interaction Rates  Nils Paar UKF 24
2009 Application of advanced computing in strongly correlated systems Tamara Nikšić HRZZ 36
2009 Caltech colaboration UKF Grant Vernesa Smolčić UKF 12
2009 Nucleastructure and astrophysical structure Dario Vretenar MZOS 24
2009 Nuclear Energy Density Functionals from Low-energy QCD Dario Vretenar MZOS 24
2009 Nonlinear and Nonequilibrium Phenomena With Optical and Matter Waves Hrvoje Buljan MZOS 24
2008 Clustering phenomena in nuclear physics: strengthening of the Zagreb-Catania-Birmingham partnership Milin Matko FP7 36
2007 Enhancement of electromagnetic properties of MgB2 by magnetic nanoparticle doping  Emil Babić UKF 36
2007 Physics and mathematics education research Maja Planinić MZOS 84
2007 Nonlinear phenomena and wave dynamics in photonic structures Hrvoje Buljan MZOS 84
2007 Structure and evolution of stars Krešimir Pavlovski MZOS 84
2007 Nuclear structure and nuclear astrophysics Dario Vretenar MZOS 84
2007 QCD and nuclei; application of nuclear methods: materials, medicine, ecology Damir Bosnar MZOS 84
2007 Electrical and magnetic properties of selected inorganic and organic materials Ivan Kokanović MZOS 84
2007 Nanomagnets Krešo Zadro MZOS 84
2007 Electromagnetic properties of nanostructured systems Marijan Šunjić MZOS 84
2007 Microwave investigations of new materials Miroslav Požek MZOS 84
2007 The Development and Role of Physics in Croatian Society in the 20th Century Tihomir Vukelja MZOS 84
2007 KSA computational investigation of higher order repeats and segmental duplications in human genome Vladimir Paar MZOS 84
2007 Structure and properties of selected nanomaterials obtained by modern techniques Antun Tonejc MZOS 84
2007 Study of hadronic systems using relativistic projectiles Miroslav Furić MZOS 84
2007 Elementary particles, field theory, and cosmology Ivica Picek MZOS 84
2007   Cognitive Neurodynamics Selma Supek MZOS 84
2007 Systems with spatial and dimensional constraints: correlations and spin effects Amir Hamzić MZOS 84
2007 Electronic properties of surfaces and nanostructures Marijan Šunjić MZOS 59
2007 Low-dimensional strongly correlated conducting systems Slaven Barišić MZOS 8