VLA-COSMOS 3 GHz Large Project

Status: data & data products released

Observing time: 384 hrs

Dates of observations: 2012 - 2014

Configuration: A- and C-configurations

Frequency: 3 GHz (S-band, 10 cm)

Pointings & area: 3x64, 2 sq.deg.

Angular resolution: 0.7"

Sensitivity: ~2.3 μJy/beam

Bandwidth: 2 GHz


The VLA COSMOS 3 GHz Large Project is a survey of the COSMOS field with the Jansky VLA at 3 GHz (10 cm). Deep Jansky VLA observations to cover the entire 2 square degree COSMOS field at this frequency down to an rms of ~2 μJy/beam, uniform across the field, have been awarded (PI: Smolcic). These observations - constraining the deepest radio levels ever over a large field with superb multi-wavelength coverage - will open a range of new exploration windows in observational cosmology, and serve as the basis for next generation radio facilities, such as the Square Kilometre Array.