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Central Library for Geophysics


Central Library for Geophysics is part of Department of Geophysics (Faculty of Science, University of Zagreb, Croatia).

It was founded in December 1861. The library collection includes about 6000 titles of monographs and about 20 000 volumes of journals and serial publications from the field of geophysics (meteorology, seismology, solid earth physics, physical oceanography, planetary magnetism). A small part of the collection refers to border areas (astronomy, physics, mathematics, geology, geography, etc.).

The library is open to various types of users: students of geophysics, professors at the Department of Geophysics, other students and experts from all fields of science and technology, citizens interested in the field of geophysics.



Besides major tasks performed in the library, such as acquisition, cataloguing and classification, storage and retrieval, Central Library for Geophysics provide diverse services:

  • Circulation service
  • Recommendation of library material (photocopying / printing / scanning service)
  • Assistance in finding information and literature from the field of physics of the atmosphere, the sea and the Earth's interior
  • Inter-library loan service
  • Institutional repository archiving and administration
  • Bibliometric analysis and research assessment service (different kinds of bibliometric reports for scientists and institution)
  • Information literacy instructions (e.g. how to cite literature, how to retrieve information from scientific databases, how to access scientific papers, how to use library catalogue)



Central Library for Geophysics strives to support the scientific and teaching activities of the Department through additional activities: participation in the editorial board of the scientific journal Geofizika, involvement in second-year course with modules Scientific databases and Relevance of the journal - bibliometrics: application to geophysics, retrieving historical archival data for research in the field of geophysics, taking care of scientific heritage related to the great Croatian scientist Andrija Mohorovičić etc.



It is a library with only one employed librarian (Iva Vrkić).



Monday - Friday: 09:00–16:00



IG: @library.geophysics

Central Geophysical Library

Horvatovac 95

10 000 Zagreb




The Library's website is in Croatian.