PMF - Geološki odsjek


Raspored sjednica Vijeća Geološkog odsjeka u ak. god. 2023./24. i datuma predaje materijala za Povjerenstvo za nastavu nalazi se ovdje.


Brač island

Find intruders - (hint: we don't have scubadivers nor submarine carriers in the team (yet!)).

It is not a bad idea to pack some more clothes to the beach. When The Boss told us to go seaside nobody mentioned ski equipment or Barents Sea.

Anima sana in corpore sano =  "a healthy soul in a healthy body"


OMG, hard life on the reef! What I am doing here!? Oh yes, I am here for the scale.

Pure coincidence that border conditions between Cretaceous and Paleogene are always extreme. No wonder that mass extinction was present. But whitout my contribution this time, he, he.

Papuk Mt.

Lula - a good place for rest after ca. 16 km walking @ 34 deg C with 14 kg backpack




Mt. Moslavačka Gora

On the road again - toward Moslavačka Gora sunrise

Srednja rijeka - the mist


(picture taken during 2012)


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