PMF - Geološki odsjek


Raspored sjednica Vijeća Geološkog odsjeka u ak. god. 2023./24. i datuma predaje materijala za Povjerenstvo za nastavu nalazi se ovdje.


The extremely complex geological system encompassing the Dinarides, Pannonian Basin crystalline basement, and their adjoining areas, is among the scientifically most intriguing areas in Europe. In the Cretaceous period, especially at the Early and Late Cretaceous time boundary, significant echoes of large-scale geodynamic process(es) have been identified in the geological record within crystalline basement rocks, as well as in clastic synorogenic sediments, and even on the previously very stable carbonate platform. Meticulous investigation and recognition of the characteristics of crystalline rocks of different Cretaceous ages, origin and occurrence, along with the investigation of numerous distinct clastic formations belonging to successive basins from different tectonic environments will reveal the presently obscured interrelations among igneous, metamorphic, sedimentary processes and tectonic events. These events are the result of interdependent evolutionary dynamics of large tectonic units belonging to the investigated area during Cretaceous. The obtained data will be complemented by analysis of the facies variability recorded within the Upper Cretaceous successions of the Karst Dinarides.
The proposed project will be conducted by parallel field work, cabinet and laboratory research and performed through up-to-date methods and investigation procedures of three partly overlapping and continuously interacting working groups devoted to crystalline basement research, sedimentary research of neighboring clastic basins, and the study of variable penecontemporaneous environments of the carbonate platform realm. The collected data will considerably contribute to the reconstruction of the geodynamic evolution of the Dinaridic-Alpine-Pannonian realm as a whole. As such, the results revealed by the complex, multidisciplinary insight would be of general interest for those dealing with the geological history of Alpine Europe and the present Dinaridic-Alpine-Pannonian realm.


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