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Rezultati istraživanja naših znanstvenika objavljuju se u znanstvenim časopisima u zemlji i inozemstvu, među ostalim, i u prestižnim međunarodnim časopisima, kao što su: Nature, Science, Annales, Cultural geographies, Društvena istraživanja, Geografiska Annaler, Geomorphology, Quaternary International, The Cryosphere, Tijdschrift voor economische en sociale geografie, Zeitschrift für Geomorphologie, Geoforum i Social & Cultural Geography i mnogim drugima.

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Naslov rada

Lana Slavuj Borčić The production of urban commons through alternative food practicesSocial & Cultural Geography
Vedran Prelogović, Petra Radeljak Kaufmann In Search of Spatial Perceptions: The Balkans as A Vernacular Region, Tijdschrift voor Economische en Sociale Geografie 112 (3), 304-318.
Sanja Faivre Lithophyllum rims as biological markers for constraining palaeoseismic events and relative sea-level variations during the last 3.3 ka on Lopud Island, southern Adriatic, Croatia, Global and Planetary change
Neven Bočić

Stable Isotope Hydrology of Cave Groundwater and Its Relevance for Speleothem-Based Paleoenvironmental Reconstruction in Croatia, Water

Ivan Čanjevac i
Ivan Martinić

Ciliates (Alveolata, Ciliophora) as bioindicators of environmental pressure: a karstic river case, Ecological Indicators
Vuk Tvrtko Opačić Challenges of tourism development in protected areas of Croatia and Slovenia
Katarina Pavlek i
Sanja Faivre

Geomorphological changes of the Cetina River channels since the end of the nineteenth century, natural vs anthropogenic impacts (the Dinarides, Croatia), Environmental Earth Sciences

Sanja Faivre

Relative sea-level change and climate change in the Northeastern Adriatic during the last 1.5 ka (Istria, Croatia), Quarternary Science Reviews

Petra Radeljak Kaufmann

Are attitudes determined by location? Differences in perceptions of asylum seekers between residents of two Zagreb neighbourhoods, Geoforum

Danijel Orešić i
Ivan Čanjevac

Groundwater Resources in Croatia, Water Resources Management in Balkan Countries
Ivan Čanjevac i
Danijel Orešić
Surface Water Resources and Their Management in Croatia, Water Resources Management in Balkan Countries
Sanja Faivre Marine radiocarbon reservoir age of the coralline intertidal alga Lithophyllum byssoides in the Mediterranean, Quarternary Geochronology
Sanja Faivre Palaeoenvironmental reconstruction of the Milna valley on the island of Vis (Central Adriatic) during the late Holocene, Quarternary International
Sanja Faivre Holocene climatic conditions in the eastern Adriatic recorded in stalagmites from Strašna peć Cave (Croatia), Quarternary International
Ivan Čanjevac Changing climate both increases and decreases European river floods, Nature
Vuk Tvrtko Opačić Tourism Valorisation of Cultural Heritage, Cultural Urban Heritage: Development, Learning and Landscape Strategies
Neven Bočić Radiocarbon-Dated Vegetal Remains from the Cave Ice Deposits of Velebit Mountain, Croatia, Radiocarbon
Neven Bočić i
Nenad Buzjak
Monitoring of selected caves as a prerequisite for the speleothem-based reconstruction of the Quaternary environment in Croatia, Quarternary international
Neven Bočić i
Nenad Buzjak
Monitoring in the Barać and Lower Cerovačka caves (Croatia) as a basis for the characterization of the climatological and hydrological processes that control speleothem formation, Quarternary International
Laura Šakaja The non-visual image of the city: how blind and visually impaired white cane users conceptualize urban space, Social and Cultural Geography
Laura Šakaja The spatial codification of values in Zagreb's city-text, The Political Life of Urban Streetscapes
Borna Fuerst-Bjeliš Mediterranean Identities - Environment, Society, Culture
Borna Fuerst-Bjeliš Marginalization Between Border and Metropolis: Drivers of Socio-Spatial Change in Post-socialist Croatia, Nature, Tourism and Ethnicity as Drivers of (De)Marginalization
Vuk Tvrtko Opačić From Socialist Yugoslavia to the European Union: Second Home Development in Croatia and Slovenia

The Routledge Handbook of Second Home Tourism and Mobilities

Nenad Buzjak i
Neven Bočić
Ice Caves in Croatia, Ice Caves
Ivan Čanjevac,
Nenad Buzjak i
Neven Bočić
Review of national methodologies for rivers' hydromorphological assessment: A comparative approach in France, Romania, and Croatia, Journal of Environmental Management
Marin Cvitanović,
Borna Fuerst-Bjeliš,
Lana Slavuj Borčić i
Luka Valožić

Analyzing post-socialist grassland conversion in a traditional agricultural landscape – Case study Croatia, Journal of Rural Studies

Marin Cvitanović i
Borna Fuerst-Bjeliš

Spatial patterns and drivers of fire occurrence in a Mediterranean environment: a case study of southern Croatia, Geografisk Tidsskrift
Lana Slavuj Borčić,
Marin Cvitanović i
Aleksandar Lukić

Cultivating alternative spaces – Zagreb’s community gardens in transition: From socialist to post-socialist perspective, Geoforum

Nenad Buzjak Changes in hydrological regime caused by human intervention in karst: the case of the Rumin Springs, Hydrological Sciences Journal
Marin Cvitanović

Characteristics and drivers of forest cover change in the post-socialist era in Croatia: evidence from a mixed-methods approach, Regional Environmental Change

Petra Radeljak Kaufmann Integrating factor analysis and the Delphi method in scenario development: A case study of Dalmatia, Croatia, Applied Geography