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prof. dr. sc. Petar Kružić

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Recent Courses:

Undergraduate programme

Biological oceanography - lectures, seminars, laboratory and field exercises

Marine management and protection of the sea - lectures

Graduate programme

Marine biodiversity - lectures, seminars

Marine management and protection of the sea - lectures, seminars

Diversity of Croatian fauna - lectures

Research Interests

My research focuses on two main fields: a) an autecological approach to the study of marine organisms (mostly corals), and b) a community approach to the study of macrobenthic assemblages (especially in the coralligenous community), including secondary production, biomineralization and response to stress.

Studies on coral ecology

Pattern of growth and secondary production of Mediterranean coral Cladocora caespitosa was investigated at infralittoral rocky sites in the eastern Adriatic Sea. Colony morphology was also studied by means of fractal geometry, and the maintenance of a low, coral growth complexity as an optimal choice in managing relationships between water and the colony's living tissues was highlighted. Studies were also carried out to determinate the effect that mucilage coverage exerted on the Cladocora caespitosa colonies. 

Studies on macrobenthic communities

The structure and the secondary production of macrobenthic communities were investigated in several protected areas in the eastern Adriatic Sea (National Parks Mljet and Kornati, Nature Parks Telašćica and Lastovo). Community changes in the long term were also assessed by means of conventional and new indices, such as the average taxonomic distinctness index. Taxonomic sufficiency and the functional and structural redundancy of macrobenthic assemblages were also investigated. The functional role of some species (sponges, corals and bryozoans as target species) was assessed, as well as the relationships among the community structure, the characteristics of sediment, and the amount of algal or macrophytic coverage. Particular attention was paid on the structuring capacity of the habitat.

 Work in progress

  • Ecology of the coralligenous community in the eastern Adriatic protected areas (including habitat mapping).

  • Energy budget of corals

  • Ecological monitoring of coral target species in the coralligenous community with particular emphasis on the structuring capacity of the habitat

  • Effects of natural and anthropogenic disturbance on macrobenthic communities - influence of global warming on coral community

  • Autecology of the zooxanthellate Anthozoans in the protected areas (Eastern Adriatic Sea).

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